Total Gym XLS Review

Who was it that said "Total Gym" were incapable of producing a top of the line product? Well, if it was you, we suggest you sit down and be quiet for a moment whilst we introduce the Total Gym XLS home gym system.

Admittedly, retailing for just over $1,000, we were slightly skeptical ourselves - given that for the same price you could pick up a machine such as the Bowflex PR3000 (a highly regarded home gym from a very popular manufacturer). So it would be fair to say that we were eager to see just what the XLS had in store as it arrived in our office.

Total Gym XLS Specifications & Features

Total Gym XLS Trainer Total Gym XLS Trainer

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Gravity-Based Resistance
In keeping with the entire Total Gym product line, the XLS continues the "gravity-based" resistance trend - which uses your own body weight in the place of weight bars and plates. This is fine, however the limitation comes when your own body weight is not enough to provide a challenge anymore.

Many similar systems allow for weight upgrades to be made, whereby addition weights are installed under the seat to make things heavier. The XLS does away with this however, and substitutes a greater range of inclination adjustments to accommodate more strenuous workouts.

Upgraded Mechanisms
The XLS is safer, smoother, and more durable than other models in the Total Gym series. The most obvious difference here is that the pulley system has been completely redesigned - allowing for a bump free motion range.

Furthermore, the cables are stronger (and now support a user's weight of up to 400lbs), and the glide board is cushioned with a gel padding. A head rest has also been added to provide much needed comfort when doing exercises in the "lying flat" position.

Pilates Kit
For those who enjoy a morning Pilates session, the Total Gym XLS features a dedicated Pilates package - including a DVD and a number of machine add-ons to make the exercises that much more enjoyable.

Pro's Of The Total Gym XLS

My goodness is that padded / gel cushion comfortable! Seriously, once you get on, you really don't want to get off. Other things we like include the easy storage ability that this product has - two folds and it wheels conveniently under the bed.

The Pilates extras were nice, perhaps a little unnecessary, but handy nonetheless. Our guess is that this machine is targeted to the whole family. Dad, who enjoys building muscle and strength training; Mum, who enjoys Pilates at 6:30am; and the kids - who love to slide up and down on the "swingy thing".

Con's Of The Total Gym XLS

Here we go. Sorry, but the price of the Total Gym XLS is a little steep for us. If you can comfortably afford it, then you will probably have no second thoughts about buying this monster. However, if $1,000 is stretching the budget, it's probably OK to spend a bit less on a machine that doesn't have all the roaring bells and whistles of the XLS. Just our opinion - don't let us put you off.

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