Cory Everson 6000HT Home Trainer Review

Undemanding, effortless and simple - the Cory Everson 6000HT Home Trainer has been designed with the exercise novice in mind. The machine itself looks seemingly useless - with none of the excitement that a "normal" home gym has. However, once you get to know the machine, and begin to understand the ways in which it functions - it suddenly becomes a whole lot more impressive.

Cory Everson 6000HT Home Trainer Specifications & Features

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Specific Exercises
Unlike many other gym sets where you yourself have to decide on which exercises to perform in any particular workout, the Cory Everson 6000HT gives you a specific exercise planner on which every workout is based.

This plan comprises 39 different activities (they aren't all done in the same workout), most of which are surprisingly enjoyable. These workouts are presented on quality cards, and always include 2 targeted workouts along with numerous generic / full body workouts.

Compact Design
The Cory Everson 6000HT trainer has an outwardly compact design - making it a great compromise for houses with very little extra storage space. Instead of employing a weight stack - which always uses up extra room - the 6000HT utilizes elastic weight bands of different strengths.

Unfortunately, you either love weight bands or you hate them. Many first time gym users comment on their effectiveness, however in the higher levels of training, they are somewhat regarded as an inefficient way of building or toning muscle.

We would tend to agree with this generalization. However, given that this machine is targeted to novice and beginner users - it shouldn't present any qualms or problems.

Modestly Comfortable
Without going overboard on the topic, the comfort of the Cory Everson 6000HT is definitely a plus. The seat features 2 inches of foam padding, and the entire device is adjustable - perfect for those who are taller or shorter than the average.

Positives - Cory Everson 6000HT Home Trainer

The Cory Everson 6000HT Home Trainer doesn't look like a complete home gym - and not surprisingly - it isn't. However, for those who are not in need of fancy this and fancy that, the machine could well do the trick!

We liked the fact that exercises are prescribed on the 6000HT - so once you learn each individual activity, you can just jump straight on at the start of the day and start pumping.

Finally, the machine is very sturdy, light, and compact - as a result of the elimination of the weight stack. This makes it very convenient if you don't want your fitness secrets to be revealed to any of your visitors.

Negatives - Cory Everson 6000HT Home Trainer

The positive features mentioned above can also convert to negative features depending on your workout style. Those who like to mix and match their exercises each day will not like the limited variation of exercises available.

Additionally, the weight range is such that after constant training for a few months, some users may start to feel a plateau in their workouts. Therefore - we advise caution when buying this machine if you have had a great amount of experience with gym equipment before.

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